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As we get closer to the end of the challenge, we find that it is now a journey to the end of success. Who would have known that there’s so much more to learn? I was trying to do it all blog posts videos, and posting to several social media sites. As being new to the full realm of affiliate marketing it just wasn’t possible. I had to stop trying to do it all.

Now I’m enjoying my journey and trying more to stick to the plan. Complete my three steps each day is number 1 and the most important part of the journey. I do a blogpost after a few days to lighten my load and anything else as I can or if I have time. Today we look at days 21 – 23.

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Show up daily…….. what exactly does that mean. It simply mean to be active in marketing yourself and business. Be in front of people everywhere. Blog daily, upvote/like and comment others posts. To show up is to be effective in your content creation and personal branding. Jon explains how showing up daily can have a positive effect on your business.

When Jon poted on CTP facebook page after 8 years prior.
Shortly after showing up and engaging with the audience.

So get out there and show up everyday and engage with your fans and add value to their journey. That’s day 21, on to day 22 & 23.

I love this lesson! Stop trying to get rich overnight and focus more on a little at a time. That’s what I get from the $2.74 lesson. It takes a lot of effort, and some money, and difinitely your time, but you must have realistic goals and follow through.

This should be your focus.

Start with making $2.74 a day, then move on to $27.40 making $10,000 a year, then move on to $274.00 a day and make $100,000 a year, tha’s the six figure mark. This is all very possible but it takes time and effort.

Stay away from ‘The Vortex of Doom’. This is a vicious cycle that most affiliate marketers go through. Braking the cycle is easy. Just +1 to your success.

Be Better at Sunset than You Were at Sunrise…

List Nerds

in List Nerds we take a look at the idea of using a question as your subject line. It should ask your list a question that requires an answer. This will get people to notice you and helps to build loyalty.

Another way to attract people is to offer them a funnel of some sort. Start Earning Today is a great funnel to offer and it offers two great things …… 1) it’s FREE! 2) It does exactly what the name says. How many funnels have you heard of actually starts making you money the same day you sign up?

Then we learn about using lead magnets to gain others interest. A lead magnet will help build your list. And remember to make sure that your lead magnet adds value to their journey.

+1 Success

Plus One Success ……… Today we learn how important it is to attend a seminar, webinar, or an event to help grow your business and start building relationships. Would you drive through 3 snow storms,2 countries, and about 2000 miles to attend an event? Well Jon did and he saya that that one event turned his failing business into a 6 figure enterprise. He built and maintained relationships with dozens of people that he met at that event. So get out there and start attending events.

Capture your ideas and have SMART goals. You need to buy a journal and use daily. Use your journal to write down all of your ideas. Keep your journal close by and carry it with you everywhere. You also should write your smart goals in your journal and look at them regularly.

These are Jon’s journals, they are his most important tool for for capturing his ideas. He writes’ down everything in his journals.

You can’t remeber everything, so when you get an idea write it down immediately. After all the other 5000 things that went through your mind in just a few ours, your sure to bury that idea you had some hours ago. Then that idea is gone forever. But if you practice writing them down you will always have your ideas at hand.

Invest in a journal and learn to use it in your own journey in the 3 Step No Excuse Plan Here’s everything you need ………

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