The Budget – Do You Have One?

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If you’re an affiliate marketer there are tools you need to be successful. These tools usually cost you but doesn’t have to be expensive. There are four tools you need, an autoresponder, tracking and hosting. Each of these tools usually has an affiliate program so as your growing your business you’ll also be growing your income.

This is basically what a budget looks like and as you see is well under $75 a month. I have all these things and some of them cost me even less so I know that it is an achievable amount for anyone that is serious about their business success.

Another thing to be success is the 3 vital functions of your business. You need to know the three vital functions for you, this differs for everyone. Take a good look at what you business entails and pick the 3 functions you perform the best, these are your 3 vital functions. Now that you know your 3 vital functions, write them down and put them where you can see them daily. Than focus on these 3 vital functions and delegate everything else to others. This will help you save time while building your brand.

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Just a reminder that your emial list is more than some names on a list. These names belong to real people so stop trying to sell the next big thing and try just talking with them, sharing a little of yourself. Pull them to you and stop pushing. Add value not offers and they might just be waiting for your next email.

+1 Success

Learn new skills and think better thoughts. Always be learning, take courses and learn to be or do something different. Educate in affiliate marketing and/or business or some part of business. Learn a new skill or improve an old one to increase the growth of your mind, yourself, and your business.

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Focus on positivity through a journey in the 3 Step No Excuse Plan …… Here’s everything you need ………

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