3 Step No Excuse Plan – 20 Days of A Journey of A Lifetime

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This is one of my favorite lessons in Click Track Profit. I did a post on this once, and it resonates with me so much. It probably resonates with most affiliate marketers. so let’s get to it …….

There are 4 types of affiliate marketers. Which one do your resonate with?

I have been through all 4 and now 4 is where I am and am growing in that phase. This lesson and the infographic I’m gonna share with you inspired me to not only write a post about but also build a community around it. The community is still in the works but it’s coming to the hive blockchain with you.

We start with Grumpy Gus/Gail, he’s/she’s always complaining about how affiliate marketing is a big scam and blames everyone for his/her misfortune. If you are a ‘Grumpy Gus/Gail’ what I have to say to you is join CTP and the other programs they recommend and give it the time it needs to work for you. You will not get rich over night but in a short time you will see that if you show up daily and put in the

work you will join the rest of us at #TeamFutureFaith.

May you have become Cautious Colin/Cathy. You’re afraid to trust anyone or try anything you have to pay for because you’ve been scammed just one time too many. Well Cautious Colin/Cathy you won’t be disappointed with CTP. You will be joining a community of supportive and caring people, all you have to do is show up day after day and ask

questions when you need help and of course give it time and effort, but no money.

We all have been The Slot Machine Marketer…….. Jumping around from one shiny new object to the next. I remember when I used to do that. And it really wasn’t that long ago. Now, I still belong to a of different programs but most of them are aligned with what I do. Had it not been for CTP relaunching when it did and showing me the way I’d probably still be pulling that handle trying to hit the jackpot.

This infograpich and the lesson uses different names but of the same scenario.

List Nerds

Is it working? What’s working? Do you see any patterns? What I notice right off is that about 4% of the people that opens my emails actually click on the link in my emails. the open rate is less than 1% and ny subject lines ‘let’s talk & Let’s get together’ gets more opens then some of the others.

+1 Success

Be authentic……. the message is to just be you. No more ‘Fake it til you make it’. I don’t know who made that up but it’s a thing in affiliate marketing. I know I’ve heard that more times than I care to and to tell the truth, I always had a problem with that. Acting like you got a million dollars when you don’t seems off and I always have a problem with telling lies about my success. I like what I’m learning now. I don’t have to say I’m a guru when I’m not. I don’t have to act like I know everything when I don’t. And I can share what I know and tell the truth.

Take a journey, come join me in the 3 Step No Excuse Plan and take a journey of a lifetime……. Here’s everything you need ………

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