The Journey of A Lifetime is Wounding Down|CPTtalk – Why?|An Introduction

As we are nearing the end of this part of the journey, we all should definitely be better today then we were on March 15th, that’s when this journey began. We This post will include days 26 – 29. This post is a little lengthy as there’s a lot to cover but very valuable, so I hope you stay to the end.

Click Track Profit

As we near the end of this journey, we find ourselves going over #CTPtalk. Why we should use and ho we should use it and the benefits of using it.

CTPtalk is a blogging platform and social media hub on the #hive blockchain and it rewards you for your actions with #CTP tokens. These tokens are tradable on and other platforms. These tokens carry a value and are real money that can be traded for real USD (United States Dollars).

This is the reason to be a part of CTPtalk!!

Crypto is changing everything about affiliate marketing. That is why you need to join CTPtalk and build your list now. Get out there and start commenting and curating as well as creating. All of these actions earn you CTP tokens and other crypto as well, like Hive.

List Nerds

These 4 days in List Nerds we went over many things of value. There’s the ‘3 second rule’ which is you have about 3 seconds to impress you readers. From the subject line to the body of the email. That’s why it’s important to keep the email short and use bullet points to capture the readers attention. Then we talked about the percentage of people who actually continue to take action day after day as in the picture below. This applies to yur email marketing too.

As we’re coming to an end in this part of my journey, we look over our email history again for the last 4 weeks to see what we notice and what the open & click thru rates are doing. In my subject lines I try not to mention an offer or that I want to sell them something so I think that has been a plus for me. I’m averaging about 30 opens and 13 clicks. this is imoressive for me since I haven’t used this type of emails before. The key to emailing your list is a strategy learned in CTP ………… ‘A.C.A.’ ****Action—->Curiosity—->Action ***** This is what you want you emails to reflect.

+1 Success

Do More!! @jongolson words are “No matter what happens in our day to day journey in building online businesses…… It has to end with DOING more! It takes action …….. Every single thing you learn about build business online HAS to end with you picking up the axe and get to work!” Thank someone ….. being grateful and helpful in everything you do helps to build amazing relationships in business and in life. It shows you care that people feel appreciated.

Ask questions always…… don’t be to proud or to scared to ask questions, if you need help with something ….. ask questions. Asking questions can be a great benefit to you and others. The same question you have others do too….. so somebody has got to ask so why not it be you. Asking questions results in clarity and understanding. So just ask!

There is no such thing as a BAD question….

Lastly on day 29 we talk about passion. We do what we do because we have a passion for it. So continue to show up every day with passion. Share your love of whatever your passionate about and it will attract others to you because they can see your passion.

Thank you for hanging in there with me and reading about my journey, Much Love!!

Come take this journey and share your passion along the way , come join the 3 Step No Excuse Plan and take a journey of a lifetime with passion ……. Here’s everything you need–

Click Track Profit:

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List Nerds:

+1 Success:

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