I Love Challenges |I Also Hate When I Mess Up

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I Love when we do these challenges because it drives me to do better in building habits. But what happens we the challenge is over or when you mess up like skipping a day?That’s what makes me feel like giving up sometimes.

I hate when I mess up cause you have to start over again, especially when it’s a challenge like this one that runs for 30 days. So in order to complete the challenge I must not miss any days which I think I just did unless this post makes the 24 hour time. I usually publish my posts in the evening but I didn’t make my own deadline yesterday but I’m not sure if it is still in time using Hive time zone.

So with so much going on there were so many distractions and the one I hate the most is when you have to make others understand that your online business is a priority and there are certain responsibilities you have to tend to in order to keep your business alive.

Now that I home, I can give more time to my business, but at the same time I have to redo things here at home that are really an inconvenience to me. I have to give some of the precious time that I thought I would have for business to the caring and cleaning of my home. I also have to help my son find an apartment so he can get out of my house so I won’t have to be so inconvenienced again. I have just about 6 weeks to do this as I have to return to Pennsylvania to further assist my daughter there.

Something else I hate when I’m doing challenges is when life throws you a curve ball and you have no control over it. Like I thought I had about 6 weeks to be home and get through this challenge but I received news that I needed to be back in Pennsylvania in 4 weeks. That’s just when my challenge will be winding down and close to done but that last couple of days I have to be traveling which makes it nearly impossible for me to post, but I have a plan.

I hope I can pull this off anyway. I try not to think to far ahead or get too stressed but I can’t help it.

Thanks for reading!

Charletta Allen a.k.a. Successchar

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