A New Challenge On My Journey | Life’s Little distractions and Inconveniences

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Today I like to share with you a little about the last 3 months or so of my life and tell you how it has been full of nothing but distractions and inconveniences. It all began back in May 2021, I receive an emergency call from one of my daughters. She was in need of my assistance. So being the mom that I am, I kinda dropped everything and ran to her aid. I wasn’t expecting to be there so long and to think it’s still not over yet.

I packed up my office and traveled to Pennsylvania where she lives and stayed with her and her five children. While I did drop my life in South Carolina I had no intentions of dropping my business that I had been working so diligently to build. I had to go and purchase a suitcase just so I could transport my office. 2 laptops, a tablet and 4 cellphones, not to mention a host of papers and other small office supplies like pens and pencils, Journals and notebooks. People often think I’m nuts when I travel like that but my business is portable and I don’t go anywhere without it. Thank goodness I was able to leave my printer home this time, I was able to use hers.

This challenge could not have happened for me at a better time. I was already planning my return home when it was announced. There is no way I could have met the tasks of the challenge being around all those children who constantly needed something or another.

I had to back off of work on the community I had just started and reduce my work to the bare minimum. I was lucky to be able to attend my 2 weekly webinars. I made sure to keep up with my token goals, which is a post I do weekly and had just started the first week of February. With all the new responsibilities I had taken on it reminded me of years ago when I was a single mom of six and often attempted to start an online business, but there just seemed not to be enough time.

So with so much going on there were so many distractions and the one I hate the most is when you have to make others understand that your online business is a priority and there are certain responsibilities you have to tend to in order to keep your business alive.

Now that I home, I can give more time to my business, but at the same time I have to redo things here at home that are really an inconvenience to me. I have to give some of the precious time that I thought I would have for business to the caring and cleaning of my home. I also have to help my son find an apartment so he can get out of my house so I won’t have to be so inconvenienced again. I have just about 6 weeks to do this as I have to return to Pennsylvania to further assist my daughter there.

This is a great inconvenience to me as once again I will have to put some of my business activities aside. But my plan is to already know just what I can do to work a little more than I did in the past 3 months. My thoughts are that while doing this challenge I can build some habits that can continue in addition to what I did before.

At this point, I am so very happy to be home and to be able to work on my business and give it the time and dedication as I was before. I truly have missed my community members @ CTP, and especially can’t wait to join in my inner circle meeting on Wednesday evening. I really have missed those times of communication and collaboration with them.

I really do not want to go back and have to miss out on these things again but it’s inevitable. Those are just the inconveniences and distractions that are unfortunately a part of life.

I hope you enjoyed my story about life’s distractions and inconveniences, thanks for reading!

Charletta Allen a.k.a. Successchar

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