Today is The Last Day-I Made It Through|The 3 Step No Excuse Plan|A Journey Of A Lifetime I Will Never Forget!!

Wow! I am in the 1% that followed through and completed this challenge! Now What? Stay tuned as I will elaborate after I cover todays lessons.

Click Track Profit

We finished up the module on #CTPtalk. We learned to buy and sell tokens, all about using tags, how to use the editor, and CTP miners. When using tags it’s important to always use relevant tags so that your post are seen in the right places. Always use #CTP when posting from everywhere else. And remember when you buy #CTPM to be sure to stake them or else they do nothing. Staking them help to mine more #CTP tokens and earn you more #CTP tokens.

List Nerds

We can’t say it too much….. ‘People Before Profits’ ……… Always remember this when writing you emails and starting a list. You want people to know like and trust you, so build relationships first and pull the people to you and eventually they will follow you wherever you go.

Today, I got to write my last email for this journey and since it has been sevefal hours since I sent the email I am able to share with you the results. In the pic above you can see that I have already gotten 16 opens and 3 clicks to this email which seems to be following the pattern as in all month. Over the next couple of days I’m sure those numbers will increase to align with all the others. You also can see all the subject lines I’ve used over this pass month and the results for each.

+1 Success

You bought the journal, you’ve written all these ideas in the journal, now go back and re-read all you’ve written down. These ideas are very valuable to your business. They will help you in remembering things and also remind you that you need to take action to succeed.

A Journey Of A Lifetime I Will Never Forget

I don’t believe that I have ever done a challenge like this ever in all of my 20 years of online business. This wasn’t just a challenge but it was a journey. You will notice that the change was made about half way through. What started as a Challenge transformed and ended in a journey.

Each day of this journey I was to take 3 steps to better myself and build a successful business. The idea….’To be better at sunset then you were at sunrise’ or To be better today than you were yesterday’. Each day you develop and grow and learn new things. The thing about this journey is you can be a novice or a well seasoned online business person and the plan in this journey still applies.

Now What?

This journey may have ended but my journey is just beginning! I have learned so much over the last 30 days that it would help me for a lifetime. Now that ‘The 3Step No Excuse Plan’ is over for me I still must continue on my ‘Journey Of A Lifetime’ by taking all the things I’ve learned over the past 30 days and continue to put them into action, to use the technics learned to continue to grow my business and to grow and brand myself.

I like to ‘THANK YOU’ for following me on this journey and hopes that it inspires you to take a journey of your own. I also like to ‘THANK’ the #CTP community for their support and help.

Congratulations to all those who have joined us and completed ‘The 3 Steps No Excuse Plan’ !!


Just because my 3 Step No Excuse Plan has come to an end does not mean that it’s too late for you to start, so here’s everything you need below to take the journey today and feel free to connect with me ………

Click Track Profit:

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List Nerds:

+1 Success:

The Hive Guide

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Charletta Allen AKA: SuccessChar
Charletta Allen….AKA; SuccessChar

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