3 Step No Excuse Plan – The Golden Journey/Don’t Let it Overwhelm You

I think I’m ready to just Pull all my hair out…….LOL!

This has been an awesome journey even with all the ups and downs of life. I am learning so much just by revisiting videos and lessons I’ve already seen and done. I was overwhelming myself by trying to do too much. I wanted to share my journey in every way possible but it was really impossible for me at my level. Someday I will be able to do it but this is not the day.

I wanted to do videos and blog posts as well as post to some social media sites but I had to stop trying to do it all. It became overwhelming and then everything started to seem like it was falling apart. Although I didn’t do my post in a timely manner or videos as when I started I still completed my daily task for the #3StepNoExcuse Plan.

Now I am down to 6 days in which I wish to complete all my tasks and at least my blog posts. So to do this, over the next few days I will be combining my tasks for a few days in one post. Today I am covering Days 14 thru 16, I hope this doesn’t get too long for you.

Click Track Profit

on day 14 we learned about ‘The Golden Rule’. Push vs Pull. you should pull people toward you by getting to know them and engaging with them instead of always trying to push your offers on them and trying to get them to buy something or become your referral. If you genuinely talk with them and just share your experiences and listen to theirs you may just get what you want too.

Day 15 was about ‘The Fortune’, The saying goes ‘the fortune is in the followup’ so when you email your list and get those subscribers, again don’t just try to get them to your offers, be real and build that relationship, be sure to respond to your subscribers in a timely fashion. Remember they are people first and subscribers second.

Day 16 – Let’s talk about blogging. This is a way to build your brand and once you got subscribers on your list and they’re following you on social media and hopefully you blog, your blog is yet another way others can get to know you and follow you as you build your brand. You also can get paid for blogging just by blogging on the blockchain. When you create content on your blog you’re also building a strong stable personal brand online.

List Nerds

In List Nerds on day 14 we talked about how the real power in email marketing is when you pull people to you instead of pushing offers to them. This aligns with ‘The Golden Rule’ we learned in #CTP.

On day 15 we looked more at the subject lines of other List Nerds members. To see what caught our attention. So 3 that I looked at 2 of them really stood out to me and because the subjects sounded considerate of 1) my time and 2) that they we’re interested in working together to be come stronger. The thing is when I got inside it was just an offer to join something else. See in the pics below.

Subject line; Do You Have a Few Minutes to Spare ;-D
Subject line; We Are Stronger Together

On day 16 It was time for me to write another email so I sent an email with a link to my main blog. While I got the click thrus I didn’t get any subscribers, but that’s okay, they will come eventually.

+1 Success

Start your day with a random act of kindness. Just by encouraging someone or doing something nice for someone can make a difference in someone’s day.

Day 15 is remarkable on this journey because once you make it this far, you’re half way thru your 30 days of building successful habits and branding yourself. Today we learned how making and completing achievable goals on a daily basis we are taking great strides in being better at sunset then we were at sunrise. Our 3 steps each day with no excuses has made us better than we were 15 days ago. Keep writing down those goals and achieve them daily.

are you comfortable in your habits each day? why not step out of that comfort zone you’ve buit and try something different. Try blogging or doing a video, don’t stay so comfortable cause if you never do anything different you won’t get anything new.

Thank you for reading this extra long post.

Come join me in the 3 Step No Excuse Plan and challenge yourself. Here’s everything you need ………

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