3 Step No Excuse Plan – It’s All About Emailing

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Email marketing still one of the best ways to build relationships with your audience. there are billions of people opening their email accounts on a daily basis. Nearly half of all emails are opened on a mobile device. So this tells us that people are reading emails on the go. Wouldn’t you love to be the marketer of those emails?

List Nerds

Today in List nerds I learned about being concerned with the 1 or 2 click thru that actually signed up to my list. Concentrate on working with what you get and who you got before worrying about if your list grows to hundreds or thousands. In other words, focus on the results your getting and not the results you want.

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Why be like everyone else when you can stand out and develop a different way. Be Remarkable!!

Come join me in the 3 Step No Excuse Plan and challenge yourself. Here’s everything you need ………

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Charletta Allen AKA: SuccessChar
Charletta Allen….AKA; SuccessChar

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