3 Step No Excuse Plan – 30 Day Challenge – Day 10

Click Track Profit

Tracking & analytics are very important aspect of your email marketing campaign. It gives you insight to the performance of your marketing skills. It let’s you know how your subject lines are perceived by your audience and how to capture their attention. There are many tracking and analytics platforms out there but most are complicated and hard to understand. At CTP we use a very simplistic program called ‘Hits Connect’. It is easy to use and gives you the same information as any other program.

List Nerds

Today our ‘List Nerds’ lesson teaches us about grbbing the attention of our list and how using bullet points helps to shorten your emails and get straight to the point of your message. A look at my mailing history today shows that I continue to get opens and click.

+1 Success

Read a book…….. well not the whole book, but if you read a chapter each day, you’ll finish a book in no time at all. Of course how long it takes is according to how many chapters a book has.

I had started reading a book a while ago and never got back to it. Not that it wasn’t interesting, I just seem to never have time to read. The book is titled “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. As an entrepreneur it is wise to keep reading and educating yourself to grow and keep up with new happenings in the field. Reading also inspires ideas & topics to write about & share in your posts.

Today’s person to lift up is Nathan Mars (@nathanmars). He has been on hive since July 2017 and has over 4000 followers. He’s what we call one of the big wigs on #hive, he’s very knowledgable in hive and crypto. He also has great initiatives to follow and be a part of, one of them being #hive500 crypto club. This initiative offers a major event every month. I’m estatic to be on his radar. He often responds, like, and retweet my tweets and that’s awesome, he’s very supportive of those on the hive platform. Hey @nathanmars, I think you’re awesome!! Keep keeping on!!

Why not keeping up with the times and read a blog or start one in a great supportive community ‘#HIVE” …….. with this 30 day challenge! Easy, Peasy ….. #3StepsNoExcuses Here’s everything you need ………

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