3 Step No Excuse Plan – 30 Day Challenge – Day 9

Click Track Profit

We all like like to get traffic to our brands and offers. One way to do that is to get to know the members of the community your in. After some time and communications with them , then you talk more business with them. However you should not spam your community with your offers, you must let them get to know you, like you, and trust you. If you are a part of ‘Click Track Profit’ start networking within the community and make a daily habit of finding new people in the community to connect with.

List Nerds

Today in List nerds I first checked my mailing history and see that I continue to get opens and clicks. I also was able to send out my 3rd email. Today’s task in list nerds was to see what subject lines were working. When looking at the subject lines I noticed the my 1st email received more opens and clicks then the 2nd email. So this means that the first subject line was more catching and I should try to use this type of subject line in the future. Also, not only did it get the most opens and clicks but also on the first day it got more. What I notice is that you get the most opens on the first day and maybe a couple will trickle in for the next couple of days and then the activity stops. So in light of that , I would suggest keeping you emails to not more than 2 days in between.

+1 Success

Today’s task is rather big for some and I’m one of them. Today we are supposed to host a live stream. That is a step that i am not ready for. If this was my only option to promote my business then I would work up the guts to attempt it. It took me a long time to do videos and I’m still not used to that just yet. So maybe some day but not today.

If you’re like me and feel you’re not ready to take this step you can always attend a kive stream and participate by asking questions or commenting on the topic. There are many options out there to get in front of people, all you have to do is chose.

Today’s person to lift up is Jenelle Pineau goes by @jangle on hive and she has taken great strides, She has a community named “The Kingdom” and shares God’s message with all. Keep up the good work Janelle and May God Bless you!! Here’s a video for your viewing pleasure.

Come join me in the 3 Step No Excuse Plan and challenge yourself. Here’s everything you need ………

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