3 Step No Excuse Plan – 30 Day Challenge – Day 7…… One Week Completed

Today completes the first week of the #3StepsNoExcuses 30 Day Challenge. It has been an awesome week doing more each day and trying new things.

Click Track Profit

We all like stuff. On Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Hive and many other social networks and this is how we build relationships. So get out there and go to your favorite social networking site and be seen by liking and commenting and sharing not just your stuff but other peoples stuff as well.

List Nerds

Today in List nerds I first checked my mailing history and see that I continue to get opens and clicks. I also was able to send out my 3rd email. Today’s task in list nerds was to see what subject lines were working. When looking at the subject lines I noticed the my 1st email received more opens and clicks then the 2nd email. So this means that the first subject line was more catching and I should try to use this type of subject line in the future.

+1 Success

Share something positive … that’s the +1 for today. See something inspirational or positive? Share it!! Sharing the positive helps to inspire others and get them thinking more positive themselves. It also gives appreciative feelings. Being positive attracts others to you.

Today’s person to lift up is Jenn Nieto know as @pixiepost on hive and here you can see what I have to say about Jenn.

Get out there and start like stuff and join me in your own 30 day challenge! Here’s everything you need ………

Click Track Profit:

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List Nerds:

+1 Success:

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Charletta Allen AKA: SuccessChar
Charletta Allen….AKA; SuccessChar

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