3 Step No Excuse Plan – 30 Day Challenge – Day 6

Click Track Profit

Today our video introduced us to podcasting and how it could benefit our business. newest in social media. Podcasting is another way to build your business, brand yourself & product/service, by driving traffic revenue and brand awareness.

List Nerds

Today in List nerds I first checked my mailing history and see that I continue to get opens and click. We learned that when you write your emails that you should always consider yourself and you brands first. So when emailing your list here at list nerds you should always promote your own business before you promote someone else’s.

+1 Success

Start something new … that’s the +1 for today. Maybe you’ve been wanting to start a website, vlog, or mailing list. There’s no better time then right now! Stop waiting for the perfect time cause there’s really no such thing. Stop thinking and planning and move on. Just start it. You’ll figure things out as you go. Just keep building and things will progress.

For my task today I started a new community on hive. I have been thinking about this for a while and now it’s in the works because I finally started something new. The community is called Team Future Faith and came from the idea of a post I did a while back. The hashtag was developed first actually by one of my community idols @elianaicgomes on a post I did on noise.cash and that’s when the idea of the community evolved.

Today’s person to lift up is Erik Gustafsson know as @flaxz on hive and here you can see what I have to say about Erik.

Start something new with this 30 day challenge! Here’s everything you need ………

Click Track Profit:

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List Nerds:

+1 Success:

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Charletta Allen AKA: SuccessChar
Charletta Allen….AKA; SuccessChar

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