3 Step No Excuse Plan – 30 Day Challenge – Day 2

Todays tasks consist of going to Click Track Profit (CTP) and watching a video lesson, In List Nerds I learn about the analytics of my email and in +1 Success I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes.

Click Track Profit

Today we weny over Twitter. How to use it and connect with some fellow community members. I use twitter but didn’t really know how and today’s lesson gave me further understanding into what to click to do certain things and how and why to use hashtags. Hashtags are important to use on most social media platforms and usually connects you with others and services & products related to your hashtags. An important thing to remember is to use only 2 or 3 hashtags on twitter so you tweet doesn’t appear spammy or your message doesn’t get drown out by the hashtags.

List Nerds

Today we went over the analytics for our email and learned to view what type of results we got from the email. Like how many people actually opened the email and how many actually clicked on the links in the email. My Results are pictured below……..

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+1 Success

The idea here is that everyday you complete one more task then you did the day before. So first I view my video where I learned that when you make a mistake or fail at what you are working on, it’s okay and to use it as a learning experience so that the next time you will know to change what you did and it may work out. Basically the message is to try and try again until you get it right.

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In Business or everyday life especially when doing something new you may fail or do it badly but you must keep doing it over again until you get the results you’re looking for. So if it’s not right the first time just try again and even if it takes 10 or 20 tries keep going cause eventually you will find what makes it work right and then you have met success.

Because this is +1 one success I also have to complete the task that I learned yesterday as well and that was to lift someone up and encourage them. Today I choose Lisa Gentile (@lisamgentile1961) owner of @my1440 and the #TIME token. You can here about her here.

If your interested in doing the challenge below are the links to everything you need.

Click Track Profit:

+1 Success:

List Nerds:

Telegram Group:

Now is a great time to take action to building better business habits.

Charletta Allen AKA: SuccessChar
Charletta Allen….
AKA; SuccessChar

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