3 Step No Excuse Plan – 30 Day Challenge – Day 1

This is a challenge to get you in the habit of performing daily tasks and help you build consistency, your brand, your list, and your business.

As part of my journey I am using 3 platforms, Click Track Profit, List Nerds, and +1Success. All of these platforms are free services offered by @jongolson and @blainjones. Click Track Profit (CTP) is an affiliate marketing educational, community based, earn while you learn platform. It uses a reward system to gamify your experience and teaches you all about building a business.

List Nerds is a emailing service platform. It encourages you to write emails and helps you develop your skills. It helps you to keep track of your sent emails and shows you your open and click rates.

Plus 1 Success is a journey within itself that teaches you the importance of building your skills and encouraging you to build your business 1 step and 1 day at a time. It helps with developing habits to increase you activity and task by taking action everyday.

Yesterday, March 15, 2021 was the first day of my journey and it was exhilarating!

I first completed my tasks of re-watching the first 2 modules from CTP and boy it was refreshing! I was reminded of things that I had kind of forgotten about. It was light a light comin on and showing me something I couldn’t see in the dark.

I watched the 1st video in the +1 Success series and did something I did before but from a new perspective and you can watch it here;

Lastly, I went to List Nerds and wrote and sent an email. I saved this for last because I think that i don’t have a knack for writing good emails. But it’s part of the challenge and I had to do it. And to tell the truth, it felt kinda good to do it. I’ve had this gem of a program for over a year and never used it until now.

That about covers my first day of activity with my 3SNEP Challenge for Day 1.

See Ya tomorrow with my report for Day 2.

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